Pinterest Pro vs On Media Sharing. Adding Share Buttons on Your Images – Which Should I Use?


Images are a crucial part of any blog or blog posts because they help to verbalize your point in a better way. Images help to attract readers to your blog post and convey them to follow your words.

Have you ever thought that your blog images can also help you to get more shares on social networks and getting a good amount of traffic from the targeted audience? Add easy to share buttons over your images to simplify the sharing of your content.

You should not be a rocket scientist 🚀 to add share buttons over your images. And there is no need to pay anything extra. With Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress, this is on a few clicks.

Based on your social need you can choose between two different methods of image sharing for your website – adding sharing buttons to most popular networks or adding a powerful Pin button.

Now its time to ask why two different methods as they do the same? A good question with a simple answer. Most of the social networks do not allow to share the selected image from your website. For example, Facebook connects just one image to a page and all users just see this image. Pinterest works differently – you can Pin any image from the site.

Pinterest is an image-based social network. Unlike other networks, the image is the leading followed by a small comment. Pinterest is a platform for inspiration–whether it’s for home and seasonal décor, unique recipes, gifts or DIY crafts. People use the platform to discover new brands and products, find new things to try and get purchase inspiration. And most important is that Pinterest is the highest converting social network turning browsers into buyers.

Adding Share Buttons On Images For Popular Networks (On Media Sharing)

The first option you can use is adding social share buttons for the most popular networks on your images. If you choose this method for your website, visitors will see this hovering images.


✔️ What you have with the On Media sharing:
  • Customize the selector picking the images
  • Customize minimal width and height
  • Available networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki
  • Choose from any corner of the image
  • One template
  • Place horizontally or vertically

Everything looks great so far but there are a few cons about using this method:
  • Only Pinterest can share selected image
  • No additional templates
  • No call-to-action texts
  • No additional optimizations over images
  • Partial support for lazy loading images
  • May not work properly with builders like Thrive Architect, Elementor, etc.

Here is how to easy setup the On media display on your website.

Which are the basic options you need to setup:

  • Minimal width & height – recommended using at least 300x300px. Otherwise, images may not look good on Pinterest.
  • Social networks
  • Placement over images, template, and orientation

Pinterest Pro – The New Era of Image Sharing

Pinterest Pro is the next generation of image sharing. With Pinterest Pro, you have a whole toolset of professional image optimizations to get the best from your images. Unlike on media sharing, you have only a Pinterest button.

✔️ What you have with the On Media sharing:
  • Force all images Pin your customized message
  • Force all images Pin the one you choose
  • Detect responsive images and Pin the full resolution
  • 50+ templates for Pin button – access all that you have in share buttons
  • Actionable text
  • Place on any location of the image
  • Eye-catching animations
  • Custom selector
  • Customize image size for desktop and mobile
  • Lazy loading images detector
  • Pinable quotes – customized image quotes (like click to tweet for Twitter)
  • Pinable gallery

Here is how to easy setup the Pinterest Pro on your website.

Choose one of those methods for your website. We would love to share with us your experience.