Adding Images to Your Tweet in Easy Social Share Buttons. The Secret Revealed.

🤓 Did You Know? Tweet with image generates 20% more clicks, 90% more likes and 200% more retweets vs a plain text tweet.

Twitter is designed as a short message sharing social platform. The message itself needs to be short but memorable. And as that was a text-based sharing the image was not initially designed as an option. That is why the typical tweet can’t have an automated image generated. This is a really big disadvantage because nowadays the visual part of each content is well-thought-of (an old-time Twitter research confirms that).

✔️ But even the impossible can be reached using the Easy Social Share Buttons.

We will share with you the top secret of the social media experts for making your website share a tailored Tweet with an image. Read below and save a small fortune 💰 for paying in Tweet social media optimization to an expert. All you can do now on your own 👍 – it’s simple!


Step #1 – Compose The Tweet With Image Inside Twitter

The first step of success is to compose the message you wish to share on Twitter and append the image for sharing.

Step #2 – Getting The Uploaded Inside Twitter Image URL

Each of the images you add to your Tweet becomes uploaded and available inside Twitter. What we need is getting the image code. This code you can use for our Tweet. Here is how to find the code.

The image we find using the embed Tweet details provided from Twitter. From the test message, our image is Yours will look similar – all the images appear with in front. You copy the image exactly as you see it – no protocol or other URL components should be added.

Step #3 – The Final. Adding The Image Code in The Tweet

When you are ready with the image code you should place it inside your Tweet. You can also find information about the configuration of a custom message in Lesson #5. How to Configure What Buttons Will Share Across Different Social Networks (Sharing Optimization, Message Customization, Custom Share Information).

Open the post, page, product for editing in WordPress and go to Easy Social Share Buttons: Share Customization field.

We recommend adding an image to the end of your custom Tweet. It should work placed anywhere but Twitter show the image always on the end – let’s make it closer to the original.

That’s all – 3 simple steps, saving a lot. It’s not automatic but it is pretty simple and can be used by users without code knowledge.