How to configure mobile settings of share buttons (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, SMS)?

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress comes out with separate mobile settings that you need to use if you wish to get a personalized look over your share buttons on mobile. That mobile setting allows assigning, for example, mobile only messengers appear on mobile devices (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram and etc.) along with eye-catching mobile optimized positions that are highly convertible.

Here is how you can setup personalized mobile settings including mobile-optimized display method and custom network list for mobile devices in just a few quick steps.

Activating mobile options

To activate mobile display rules you need to visit Where to Display -> Mobile and ensure that option for using personalized mobile settings is set to Yes

After that, we can choose the display methods that will be used when user browse your site via mobile device. In the list. we choose methods that are suitable for mobile usage but once with a mobile icon are highly recommended because they are truly visual and resource optimized to get the best result. The most popular display method used and proved as highly engaging is the Share Buttons Bar

Customizing buttons that you wish to use on mobile devices

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress allows to setup entirely different social network list that will appear on mobile devices. To do this you can use the network selection list which is located below network positions (for specific mobile display methods you can also choose separate network list via its settings in the menu but that is required only if you use multiple display methods on mobile where you wish to have different buttons).

All special mobile-optimized display methods come out with separate settings which you may need to check too. They are located just below that network list

Customize the style of buttons used on mobile devices

Style options that you can use to customize on mobile devices depend on the method that you choose.  The best way to do this is using the Customize buttons when viewed from mobile device menu.

This menu allows to change completely style of share buttons but please keep in mind that for mobile-optimized display methods, not all options will be used (example: for Share Buttons Bar plugin will use only template and button style but the style will be applied over popup buttons and etc.).

Test the look of your mobile buttons

Once you complete all that steps you should see nice eye catching mobile buttons on your site. In case this does not happen you may use a cache plugin or caching server that does not support for mobile caching. Please continue to the quick setup guide of mobile display with most popular cache plugins.