How To Recover Shares When You Switch To HTTPS (activate SSL)?

Did you miss your share counters? May be you have made a change of the URL structure on your site which causes this. A typical cause for missing share counters is migration to SSL (switch from http to https). The great news is that Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has a share recover that […]

How to Active Responsive Share Buttons Mode

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress support two types of mobile display: Mobile Optimized and Responsive mode (legacy mode). The main difference is how those methods of display work. Responsive mode is used to change design of elements based on screen resolution – that makes on site to have initially loaded all versions and code […]

How built-in analytics works (and what data is collected)?

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has built-in analytics module. This module is made to collect information from user actions over share buttons and store it for further analysis. It is a real hand in optimizing share buttons presence on your site. The analytics will give you enough information to understand which buttons users really […]

How to activate Fake share counters on version 5.0

Fake share counters function is supported as of version 5.0. If you are using lower version you can use the developer hooks for this or update plugin to latest version. Fake/Internal share counters will change all share counters to internal tracked by click over share buttons and you will see those values instead of real […]

How to disable Yoast SEO social share optimization tags generation?

To have a full control of your shared data over most of social share networks you need to include inside content of your site social share optimization tags. Those tags are Open Graph Tags read by Facebook and almost all other social networks. Only for Twitter you have dedicated tags called Twitter Card. It is […]

How to activate debug mode in WordPress?

WordPress includes several settings that you can use to help debug the main application, themes, your own custom code, and more. Generally, these settings are intended for use by developers and should not be used on “live” sites. However, you can also use them in certain scenarios to help troubleshoot issues you may be experiencing […]

How to install plugin?

From your profile you can download 2 type of plugin packages – full version with documentation and ready to install WordPress plugin. If you download the Installable WordPress file only then you can go and install it via WordPress dashboard. If you download the full package including documentation and extensions then there are two ways to […]

How to configure mobile settings of share buttons (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, SMS)?

A quick video overview of how to setup your mobile share buttons with best social sharing plugin for WordPress

Is plugin compatible with PHP7

Easy Social Share Buttons is fully compatible with version 7 of PHP and you can safely migrate. We made wide range of tests using all latest PHP 7.0, PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 builds to ensure this. If you run PHP Compatibility Checker plugin and see messages appearing consider them as false positive.  Compatibility Checker uses regular […]

How to reset plugin settings to default

To reset plugin settings to default that are once you install it go to Advanced Settings -> Administrative Options and scroll down to the end of options screen where the button is located.

How to remove admin dashboard widget AppsCreo News

What is AppsCreo News widget? AppsCreo News is admin dashboard widget which is made to display latest articles we post in our blog for updates, important changes or new functions. How to deactivate it? In case you do not wish to see it anymore go to Advanced Settings -> Administrative Options and set to Yes […]

How to turn off plugin interface translations and return back to English

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress allows user interface to be translated in any language. That is currently made by our customers as a gratitude. If you are not satisfied with the translation you can switch back at any time to default English interface. To do this go to Advanced Settings -> Administrative Options and set […]

How to deactivate frontend assistant

What is front end assistant? Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has new front end assistant. This assistant allow quick change of most common used functions of plugin directly when you browse site and also to customize design of buttons with real-time preview. It is visible only when you are logged inside site with Administrative […]

How to activate Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

With the upcoming version 4.1 that will be released very soon, we made one very important change that will affect all our customers. We have included purchase code activation to be able to work with the full variety of features and free add-ons included in the installation package. No matter when you have bought the [...]