Plugins is Using Too Much Memory/CPU on Server

A usual cause of such high CPU/resource usage is the WordPress ajax component (admin-ajax). That component is the only safe method to communicate with the site backend but it also may produce a high resource load. Optimization of that method is not provided in details by WordPress and WordPress itself manages the request and resources […]

My Share Counts Are Not Showing, Not Updating Or Not Accurate

Share counts are important for showing your social proof. In case you have a problem with their work here you may find the most common situations. 1. My Facebook counter is not showing values (or showing outdated values) Facebook has a share counter API rate access limit. That makes possible your site to make a […]

Facebook is showing the wrong image, title or description

How Facebook Reads & Stores Information Facebook has cache for information that will appear inside the share dialog when someone share a page from your site. Once the information is set in the cache the changes you put on site will appear after a few days (not immediately). To provides a tool Facebook Debugger that […]

How to Create an Automatic Share Buttons Display Method Using Existing Actions or Filters?

Introduction Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has more than 30 automatic display methods included but that sometimes is not enough. To provide maximum flexibility we introduce the one of a kind integration menu for creating a custom display positions. The integration menu allows to create a display position for share buttons (like the build […]

How to Set up Post Vertical Float

 1. Go to Where to Display -> Positions and activate Post Vertical Float 2. Go to Position Settings (again under Where to Display) and find Post Vertical Float Set here the display of your post float. Choose a template and style for the buttons, whether to have counters or not, animation, etc. Under Live Style Preview section […]

Selecting Plugin Mode – Which Mode of Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress Should I Use?

What Does Plugin Mode in Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress? Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress is social media plugin for WordPress providing all must used functions for social media. No matter your are a novice or pro we have the exact plugin mode that will work for you. Using plugin modes you can easy […]

Social Followers Counter: How to Setup

Activate Usage of Followers Counter and Network Setup STEP 1 Go to Social Follow & Chat -> Social Followers Counter: Settings and activate the Followers Counter. This will make all the Followers counter settings display on your panel. Then go through the settings and configure the Followers Counter: I will not use Followers Counter widget – activate this option […]

How to Test and Fix Facebook Sharing Wrong Information Using Facebook Open Graph Debugger?

Facebook Debugger is service that allows you to check what information Facebook gets from each page on your site. When you go to paste the URL of the page which share information you want to check and customize. Then press Debug button and you will see what Facebook takes from your page content information. [...]

System Status – Diagnose Most Common Server Setup Issues

System Status Tool System Status is Easy Social Share Buttons’ tool that displays data for main server settings. These settings are very important for some of the features of Easy social Share Buttons. The tool displays list with settings and compares them with the recommended settings required for the optimal work of our plugin. It is […]

How to Setup Mobile Based Displays of Easy Social Share Buttons with Most Popular Cache Plugins?

Loading speed is one of the most important things for each website owner. Everybody care how fast their site is. And that is absolutely understandable. It is really irritating, when you browse slow site, isn't it? That is the reason cache plugins to be one of the most popular applications. We have noticed that 85 % of our customers [...]

How to Add Your Own Email Subscription Service to The Plugin?

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress support some of the most popular subscribe services but there are many more available. If yours is not inside the list you can easy add it and make it work using the build inside plugin API. Here is an example code how this is made for Jetpack subscriptions <?php […]

How to Modify The Share Counters Value Appearing on Your Site?

since 4.1 Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has filter that you can use to modify the generated share counters on screen before render. Using this filter you can generate your own values of share counters. To do this you need to call essb4_get_cached_counters for example in your theme functions.php file. apply_filters(‘essb4_get_cached_counters’, $cached_counters);   Parameters: $cached_counters […]

Theme Integration Technical – Including Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress in a WordPress Theme

since 4.2 If you are theme author you may want to integrate Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress right into your WordPress theme. To meet new theme submission requirements follow this steps: Include TGM Activation class into your theme PHP files (ex. in functions.php file) Add settings for TGM Activation class and hook them to the […]

How to Integrate Easy Social Share Buttons Inside Your Theme on Custom Position (or Replace Theme Share Buttons)?

since 4.1 Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has 27 automatic display positions but this sometimes is not enough. Each user or theme may have its specific needs and today we will illustrate how you can use the build in API to make deep theme integration of social share buttons using plugin menu. Option to integrate […]