Ready Made Styles for Easy Social Share Buttons are ready for use configuration designs, that can be applied on each website with one click only. With the pre-made configurations we offer combinations between templates and widths of buttons, counters, positions of counters and network names display types that guarantee best design output. Some of the configurations can be used on particular position only, other fits best on exact display so we offer it as recommend. All that saves time going true the menu settings and test how different combinations will look on your site.

Ready Made Styles can be found at the right upper corner at the main settings menu page:

Ready Made Styles button will open grid list with possible visual configurations of buttons. At the left hand side of the page you will find also menu with different types of pre-made styles.

In each style box there is included info about the style that is very helpful and will give you basic information for each suggestion:

  1. Preview of the style – at first place you will see what template that style use, if there are counters, total counter, how the network names appear, also what networks are activated.
  2. Most suitable positions – at the location info section you will find all the locations, where that style can be applied. Those locations we mark using this style location
  3. Best usage – For some styles you can see recommended locations. This does not mean that you cannot use them on others but for that locations you will see the best visual effect. For these locations we use this style location
  4. Additional set – some ready made styles contain preconfigured networks or template which is made to ensure same design output will be generated. You can see them marked as NETWORKS or TEMPLATE. Once you apply such present you can change template or active networks using position settings (Social Sharing -> Where to display). All styles that does not contain such marks will use the default social networks and template you have set.
  5. Choose display location – each ready made style can be located at different places. Choose from the drop-down menu option where to be apply the style.

Activate Ready Made Style

When you find the style you like, just press Apply on selected location button. Then please ensure that location you choose and apply style for is active in Where to display -> Positions.

The position you have set under the style options should match the settings under Where to display -> Positions. For example if you choose Sidebar display location for the ready made style you like, go to Where to display -> Positions and activate Sidebar button display position:

No matter which display position you will choose, to be applied location settings for any ready made style, you should turn on that display position from the global plugin settings.

How to make changes for Ready Made Style that is already active?

Most of the pre-made styles can be customized. But the changes possible are usually template used and networks activated. That limited customization is to ensure the design output each predefined configuration provides.

Into each style box you can find information about what can be changed for that ready made configuration marked as NETWORKS or TEMPLATE.

To correct the networks for style that is already applied go to:

Social Sharing -> Social Sharing -> Social Networks

To correct the template for style that is already applied go to:

Social Sharing -> Social Sharing -> Template

How to turn off Ready Made Style?

To turn off or change the settings made from ready made style, go to display positions settings under Where to Display -> Where to display -> Positions. Chose the display position activated with ready made configuration and deactivate (or change) personalize options for that display position.


To deactivate Mashable style with Float from top location go to

Where to Display -> Where to display -> Float from top

and turn of Personalize buttons on that display position option

or just change the settings there if you want to customize that configuration style.