How to Set Share Buttons Bar on Mobile

How to Set Share Buttons Bar on Mobile 1

Find Easy Social Share Buttons setting menu and follow these steps:

Set mobile display position


1. Go to Where to Display -> Mobile: Display Options

2. Switch to Yes Personalize display of share buttons on mobile device

3. Under Primary in content display positions choose Manual display with shortcode only

4. Under Additional button display positions choose Share buttons bar (Mobile Only Display Method)

Share Buttons Bar Customization

  1. Scroll down at same setting page and find Share Buttons Bar Customizations section.
  2. Choose the number of buttons at the share buttons bar from the drop down menu and update your settings.
  3. Here you can find options to define the outlook for your Share Buttons Bar:
    • Display networks names;
    • Display total share counter.
  4. Hide buttons bar before end of page – activate if you want Share Buttons Bar to hide after 90% of page content is reached.
  5. The last option at the section will help you to customize the default percent of page content after which Share Buttons Bar will hide.

Share Buttons Bar Personalize

  1. Go to Display Settings -> Mobile: Share buttons bar -> activate I wish to personalize global button settings for that location.
  2. Set template from the drop down menu.
  3. If you want to set custom networks for Share Buttons Bar (different from those set under the global settings) use Change active social networks (rearrange them with drag and drop if needed).
  4. Set custom text for the buttons on that location with Rename displayed texts for network names options.

When you are done, do not forget to lean your cache. The result should be like this: